3D Display Advertising

The Advantages of 3D Display Advertising

What makes 3D Display Advertising efforts so ideal, this year? Unless you’ve been living under a hole, you’ve surely seen the way posters have evolved from 2D to 3D. 3D ads on taxi tops are also getting more and more popular. The most striking 3D Display Advertising efforts the past few months are pretty large-scale too, literally. Just go for a bus ride and you’re see amusing 3D bus shelter displays and even barricades. The designs of these advertising tools would astound you, not necessarily because of the high-end technology they project, but more because they exude so much creativity.

Your Imagination is the only Limit

You don’t need that much capital to be able to invest in 3D Advertising efforts. You just need to know what message you want to send out, team up with a competent creative and graphics team, get in touch with an advertising company you can trust with your life, and you’re all set. If your company already has its own advertising team and you just need to hire a 3D graphics team to realize your concepts, you’ll save even more money. You just need to remember an important thing when you’re designing your 3D Advertising tools.

Never overshoot your budget. You should ideally be able to break even with the cost of these promotional efforts within your promo period. Stick to the budget, and research your target market well. Find out what aspects in your design would attract them most to your product. If your loyal clients recognize you because of the shape of your packaging, or your mascot for the company brand, then make sure you emphasize these elements in your 3D Advertising tools.

Having said that, don’t limit your creativity when you’re conceptualizing your advertisement. The more unique it is (as long as it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well) the better it would work as a 3D advertisement.

Long term and short term tools

Long term 3D ads include bus shelters, taxi tops, and 3D figurines on your storefront or POPs. These are items that take a lot of time (and sometimes money) to build, but are more permanent fixtures compared to posters and barricades. Between 3D posters and event barricades (which are both short term advertising tools), event barricades would cost more money. However, because of the large size of 3D barricades, they’re also more likely to attract customers compared to 3D posters.

When you’re choosing your 3D marketing tools, you need to think about these things thoroughly. How long will your 3D advertisement be exposed to the public market? How much revenue are you expecting from this exposure? How about your long term ad projects? How much money should you invest on an advertising effort that would represent your company and your products for months.

The obvious answer to this would be: as much as your company could afford. That would consider your expected returns, and the total cost of space rental added to the cost of the ad itself. Dress up your ads as impressively as you possibly can, but do this without draining your budget. You should find a competent graphics company who can understand your budgeting and marketing needs.